Traralgon Greyhounds

A brief history

Traralgon is located in the Latrobe Valley in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is a city within the greater region of Latrobe. Traralgon is a two hour drive from Melbourne. The origins of the name Traralgon have been difficult to trace accurately. However, the most popular and often-touted record is that it is believed to be derived from the Gunai language where ‘tarra’ means "river" and ‘algon’ means "little fish". Traralgon Greyhounds

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The area surrounding Traralgon was first inhabited by Europeans in the 1840s. The township itself was developed in the 1860s. In the subsequent years, the town has grown into the city that is today. Among Traralgon famous sons is Sir Macfarlane Burnet who jointly won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine. The city’s economy is driven by many industries among them sports; and among sporting events in this city, greyhound racing is among the most popular. The Traralgon greyhound racing club holds regular dog races at the Glenview Park. This track is considered a launching pad for greyhounds in the metropolitan tracks. But before we delve into Traralgon racing, let us first look at what greyhound racing involves.

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing as the name suggests, is a race involving dogs of that variety. The dogs chase after a target (lure) which in earlier years was a hare or rabbit. They pursue the bait round the track and the dog that arrives first wins. This sport is a professional event in countries like the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia where similar to horse racing, it attracts a large amount of betting. Punters can actually place their bets online in Australia through many gaming agencies offering those services.

Other countries consider greyhound racing as a hobby. However, in all instances regardless of the type of race, the dogs must be well taken care of. There has been some concern over the treatment of the dogs in some countries. To try and address this, a greyhound adoption movement has gained ground worldwide to set up to assist retired dogs find homes as pets.

The organization in charge of the races in Australia, the Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA), is divided into other state governing bodies. For example there is the Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority (QGRA), Western Australia Greyhound Racing Authority (GRNSW) and Greyhound Racing Victoria. (GVR). Major greyhound racing venues include Cannington Park in Perth, Greyhound Park in Adelaide, Wentworth Park in Sydney and Albion Park in Brisbane.

Traralgon greyhounds

Traralgon greyhounds race at the Glenview Park Racing Complex which is owned by the Latrobe City. It was specifically designed for the racing of horses and greyhounds. The inaugural greyhound race was held on 1973. The Glenview track was meant to provide two circular ends with parabolic bends on both sides which is considered safe for the canine racers.

Typical races at Glenview are run over a distance of 298, 513, 658 and 730 meters. Unlike the early years of the sport, the target or lure is no longer a rabbit or hare but is controlled by an electric motor remotely controlled from the top floor of the tower above the grand stand. The grounds have a kennel complex cost $1.2 million and was opened in 2007.

The racing committee at Traralgon greyhound racing is run by a president, vice president, junior vice president and committee 7 members. There is also a club manager. What is more, the complex has been built to make sure the disabled and elderly patrons are also well accommodated.

When it comes to betting, everything is electronically operated and punters can participate in gaming comfortably from wherever they are within the complex. What is more, advances in the world of sportsbetting means that you can place your bet online from wherever you are not just in Australia, but around the world.

Protecting greyhound racing from performance drugs

Like all professional sport, Greyhound racing and in particular Traralgon greyhound racing has taken positive steps the threat of performance enhancing drugs. Positive drug tests attract severe sanctions and will often entail the commencement of an inquiry. Suspension has in recent times varied from four months to 18 months which serves as a deterrent for anyone that may have harbored thoughts of using performance boosters. The strict approach towards dealing with drugs stems from not just the belief at keeping the event fair, but also protecting the dogs themselves from the longer-term effects that constant drug use eventually causes. The racing authorities have remained on alert to pick out any misconduct.

Breeding of Traralgon greyhounds

If you are someone that intends to breed greyhounds, there are two things you need to consider when buying the puppies:-

* Recognize greyhounds coming from good bloodlines – Puppies from good bloodlines, will sell for more than pups from unknown or untested ancestry. Note though that these puppies will indeed come at a premium in tandem with their capability.

* Have a budget – Buy the best within your price range.